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Call for papers: Smart polymer nanocomposites for energy conversion and storage

Edited by Chaoying Wan

Smart polymer nanocomposites refer to those materials that can respond to external stimuli (such as mechanical force, light, chemical, electrical or thermal energy) and perform multiple functions, such as mechano-chemical, thermo-electrical, shape-changing or self-healing. These smart materials have found important applications for energy conversion and storage. This collection focuses on the latest development and discovery of the structure and properties of smart polymer-based nanocomposites, the fabrication technologies and the applications in actuators, sensors, batteries or energy generators. Original research articles or review articles are welcome.

Functional Composite Materials is accepting submissions and will publish its first articles soon.

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Aims and scope

Being both strong and lightweight, composite materials have already found wide-ranging uses in structural and engineering contexts. Through advancements in materials science and engineering the potential for further applications of composite materials can be achieved by introducing functionality. Functional Composite Materials focuses on this exciting new generation of materials. Sitting at the intersection of physics, chemistry, materials science and engineering, we welcome contributions on all types of composite materials — the only caveat is that composite functionality must be clearly demonstrated.


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