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Table 10 DSC values by layer from PEEK_50NdFeB prints. (Tg glass transition temperature, Xm Melting peak Crystallinity, Tm Melting temperature; the index I and II indicates the first and second heating cycle, the subscript CC indicates the cold crystallization)

From: 3D printing of high performance polymer-bonded PEEK-NdFeB magnetic composite materials

 Tg I [°C]Xm I [%]Tm I [°C]Xcc[%]Tcc[°C]Tg II [°C]Xm II [%]TmII [°C]
Top layer149.030.8340.2139.938.6332.0
Mid layer145.230.4339.1140.038.5337.7
Bottom layer142.77.9338.522.2171.4141.234.6337.3