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Table 3 Comparison of Cu(II) adsorption capacities of various carbonaceous adsorbents

From: Carbonized lignosulfonate-based porous nanocomposites for adsorption of environmental contaminants

AdsorbentMax. Adsorption Capacity (mg/g)Equilibrium TimeAdsorbent Dosage (mg)Initial Cu(II) Conc. (M)Cu(II) Volume (mL)Ref.
Oxidized activated carbon233 h8003.9 × 10−4800[51]
Graphene aerogel1915 min.601.3 × 10−3100[52]
Sodium alginate/GO aerogel983 h7.9 × 10− 3[53]
Calcium alginate/GO aerogel9840 min.501.5 × 10−350[54]
GO/chitosan hydrogel6310 h12.51.5 × 10−3100[55]
Graphene/acid-treated MWCNT aerogel33107.5 × 10−450[56]
LS-functionalized nGO/gelatin aerogel6940 min.106 × 10−330This work